Who we are

Gestin-3 is the real estate agency of reference of the high zone of Barcelona with office in Rda Gral Mitre 39, forms a corner with Dr Roux.

The experience and the excellent deal of the team, both in the area of the dealing and rent of flats and places and in the administration of patrimonies and real-estate advice in general, has could be transmitted to a very demanding clientele by the quality of the offered service.

The philosophy applied for Gestin-3 is it of being contagious of the illusion of that one that it(he,she) decides to acquire, to sell or to rent a building. Decisions like these take rarely in the life; and when they are adopted, the inexperience of the individual and the doubts of this one on the professionalism of the sector, only they excel themselves generating confidence relations that protect the viability and seriousness of the operation in interest of the parts.

The training of our personnel, it stamps on the Company a bonus of solvency; indispensable characteristics inside an in a untidy market, due to factors like the price of the soil, the interest rates and the widespread mentality of the individual in favour of the property opposite to the rent.

Great report of the success of any operation takes root in having from the beginning of a knowledge thoroughly the offered product, as well as the public plaintiff of the same one. Of this form we can realize our own appraisements and defend the prices before the buyers. We believe that every flat has your buyer; the difficult thing is that they are, and for it Gestin-3 has the personal, computer and advertising means adapted to put them opposite to forehead.